About the Mask

  • Constructed from acoustically transparent materials, the VocalEase mask allows all sound, including crisp consonants and resonating overtones, to pass through with total clarity.
  • Eliminates potential for vocal strain or mask removal in order to be heard clearly.
  • In independent laboratory testing, the VocalEase mask boasts a nearly imperceptible loss of 0.87 dB of sound at 8000Hz, while ordinary and competing masks diminish sound anywhere between 5.64 -9.34 dB at this crucial frequency where unvoiced consonants are perceived. What this means: with our mask, you don’t hear or experience any muffle.
  • Gentle stretch comfort fit around mask parameter eliminates gaps, helping to prevent the spread of potentially harmful droplets and some aerosols.
  • In preliminary fit and filtration testing using a TSI PortaCount 8038 Respirator Fit Tester, the VocalEase masks achieved between 62%-67% particle filtration levels when testing over an aerosol particle range of 0.2 μm to 1.0 μm.  This is above the Level 2 performance standard (the higher of the two levels) of the ASTM Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings (ASTM F3502-21). 
  • Breathable, spacious and lightweight, the VocalEase Mask sits away from the face, allowing the jaw and articulators to move with total freedom and ease, without the mask slipping.
  • The soft, four-way stretch spandex lower seal gently expands and flexes with the jaw and chin, providing maximum comfort while maintaining a good fit.
  • Low Breath Resistance (high breathability) of mask materials allows for effortless inhalation and unencumbered high velocity singing and speech.
  • Mask is edged with a fast-drying nylon/spandex fabric, offering flexibility and custom fit to unique face sizes and shapes.
  • Upper seal extends to house glasses above mask barrier, preventing fogging.
  • Available in 3 sizes, accommodating youth through adult.
  • Soft adjustable lower strap with sliding cord lock offers superior comfort and customizable fit.
  • When fully extended, lower strap serves as a lanyard for mask breaks, eliminating excess mask handling and reducing risk of cross-contamination.
  • Lower strap is secured with breakaway snaps for added safety.
  • Removable aluminum nose stay allows mask to be machine washed cold and tumble dried low (3 nose stays included).
  • Stylish design looks sleek, professional and clean.
  • No-slip design keeps mask in place while singing or speaking.
  • Mask is reusable, eliminating costly need for multiple disposable masks.



For mask particle filtration testing, we sought to approximate the testing guidelines of the new ATSM Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings (ASTM F3502-21). The specification establishes performance standards for reusable, barrier masks worn by  the general public. Particle filtration testing was performed on a complete mask using a TSI PortaCount 8038 Respirator Fit Tester. This device is able to measure a combination of both fit and filtration testing over a particle range of 0.2 µm to 1.0 µm, in the aerosol particle range. The measured particle filtration level for the combination of face fit and filter material for the VocalEase Mask varied between 62-67%. This is above the Level 2 performance standard (the higher of two levels) of the ASTM specification.